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Finding Peace with Fishing, a young Army vets story by Stopper Lures

Kyle Kactro of West Bend, Wisconsin hauled in this huge largemouth out of Little Green Lake. The only equipment required was a pole, paddle, kayak, and a purple Bass Stopper Magnum. No official measurements were taken but this beauty is clearly in the two foot range. Kyle says, “The pictures I captured don’t do the fish justice. My biggest concern was snapping a few shots and getting him back in the water because failing to release the fish was not an option.”

Kyle is finding time to fish these days after completing his tour of duty with the US Army. He was fortunate to serve with some great soldiers on an elite combat team conducting missions and patrols near the Pakistan border in RC East Afghanistan during the Operation Enduring Freedom Campaign. The gentle waters of Little Green Lake in Washington County, Wisconsin are a far distance from the war-ravaged countryside of eastern Afghanistan in the Logar Province. Just ask Kactro.

He’s been learning to cope with the myriad of emotions following combat deployment. It takes time, patience, and coming to terms with a world that has lost much of the innocence of youth. Finding peace after living with war can be a shorter journey when you travel by kayak. The young vet figured as long as he was on the water he might as well bring along his fishing rod. His first efforts this season yielded mixed results, more often than not his hook came up empty. He soon discovered the Bass Stopper Magnum. The first time he tied on the purple worm he caught four, 15-18 inch bass within an hour. Afterwards, Kyle stopped by his folk’s house to find his hardworking father snoozing in front of the television. He had been lulled to sleep by another lackluster performance by the Milwaukee Brewers.

“Dad! You missed the party!”

“What party,?” was his father’s groggy reply.

“Bassfest 2013!”

Anyone who has met Kyle knows there is no shortage of clever comments and goofy remarks these days. A kayak, a lake, a wealth of largemouth bass, and a little purple worm have all worked together to help bring back a measure of the joy and enthusiasm that people close to him would agree he had lost.

Kyle has probably caught his last big Wisconsin bass for a while. He will be attending Hawaii Pacific University in Honolulu, Hawaii this fall in pursuit of an advanced degree in the areas of Law and Diplomacy. He will find himself on the Island of Oahu where he can’t wait to go after the famous relentless fighting, peacock bass. Kyle is also well aware of the fact the state record largemouth in Hawaii is only 9 lb., 9 oz. and as every good angler knows there’s always a bigger fish out there!

Good Luck to Kyle, we wish him well……


For more information, please visit this articles web page.
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