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01 - Speed Stop
Speed Stop

02 - Bass Stopper 6 Pack
Bass Stopper 6 Pack

03 - Bass Stopper Magnum 6 Pack
Bass Stopper Magnum 6 Pack

04 - Worm Rival Spin 6 Pack
Worm Rival Spin 6 Pack

05 - Glitter Glow
Glitter Glow

06 - Pelkie Jigs
Pelkie Jigs

07 - Moon Glitter
Moon Glitter

08 - Smelt Sticks
Smelt Sticks

09 - Speed Snap
Speed Snap

10 - Pinkie Jig
Pinkie Jig

11 - Fancy Striped Bobbers
Fancy Striped Bobbers

12 - Black Moon
Black Moon

13 - 9" Sucker Spearing Decoy
9" Sucker Spearing Decoy

14 - Worm Rival 6 Pack
Worm Rival 6 Pack

15 - Whip'r Snap Reloads
Whip'r Snap Reloads

16 - Speed Weaver
Speed Weaver

17 - BCB Bass Stopper Worm Kit
BCB Bass Stopper Worm Kit

18 - Dot Rocker
Dot Rocker

19 - Tear Drop
Tear Drop

20 - Yukon Shiner
Yukon Shiner
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Affiliate Program FAQ
Affiliate Program FAQ

Anglers Mart has compiled this info so that you may be better informed about our affiliate program.
If you have any questions please Contact Us for more information.

Frequently Asked Questions
What is an Internet Affiliate Program?
An Internet Affiliate Program allows you to place links to our web site. By placing these links, visitors to your site have the opportunity to buy our products. We pay you a commission for each sale that is referred from your site.

How does the Anglers Mart Affiliate program work?
You place hyperlinks made by our Tag Generator on your Web site. Each time a customer links to our site from yours and makes a purchase, you'll earn a percentage of the sale. There is no charge to apply and we'll send you a check quarterly for a percentage of all sales you referred to our site, provided that your account is owed more than $20. If not, we'll roll your balance until you reach 20

What does it cost to join?
There is no cost to join the Anglers Mart Affiliate Program and you can cancel at any time.

Is my site web site eligible to become an Internet Affiliate?
Anyone may submit an application. We review every site submitted to determine whether or not the site is a good match for Anglers Mart. We reserve the right to decline any application. We also reserve the right to revoke a site's membership at any time.

Can a Web site based outside of the United States be an Internet Affiliate?
No, We are sorry to say we are a US based company that doesn’t ship outside the US at this time.

Can I link my site to other online outdoor retailers at the same time?
Yes, you can have links with other online outdoor retailers.

Will you promote my site?
No, currently we do not promote Internet Affiliate sites.

Do I have to build an online store?
No, all you need to do is link directly to our site.

How do I create links to
Once your application has been approved, visit the link provided in your acceptance email and use the Tag Generator in the Creating Links section to create various types of links to Anglers Mart. You will be able to link to our home page or specific departments or products within our site. The Tag Generator has been designed to simplify code generation. Or choose from some of our pre set banners.

Can I use the Anglers Mart name and logo on my site?
Yes, but you cannot alter our logos in any way. You'll find the Creating Links section has a nice selection of logos that will be updated regularly.

How much will I be paid?
You will earn a percentage of final net sales (for more information, see our Internet Affiliate Agreement).

Are there sales quotas?
We do not require Internet Affiliates to meet sales quotas, however, you will not receive a commission check until your account meets the $20 threshold.

I operate more than one web site. Can you track them separately but pay me with one commission check?
Yes. You can have multiple sites under one Affiliate account. You do not need to submit separate URLs (or pages) within the same site or domain. If you do not want separate reports for separate sites, you can use the same code on all sites. But if you would like to get separate reports for each site, You will need to create a separate account. This will allow you to create links specifically for each site and get separate reports under one account.

How will I monitor my sales?
You will be able to access a variety of reports through your account These reports are updated regularly.

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